Title Effect of almond intake on human brain’
Our research is about finding out the effect of daily almond intake on human brain. We look forward to exploring the ways to improve brain activities as well as preventing age related memory loss through devising a healthy diet plan which comprises nuts, esp almonds.

Group Description: 

Team Members

I am Hira Iftikhar- a serious, hardworking and determined person although I sleep a lot. ^_^ I have much respect and enthusiasm for medical field and humanity and want to be one of the best surgeons. Besides this, I am a great cat lover.
I am Fatima Qamar. An avid reader, an eager debator, writer and someone whose purest dedication is food, intellect and living. Humanity and helping others is something that serves as an inspiration and drives me towards my goals. I wish to be a competent professional in my field and make a significant contribution to some one else's life. For me, that would be my greatest accomplishment.
Syed Ahmed Raza I am a fan of sensitive nature in homo-sapiens, hence fond of reading and writing (have my own blog:, performing arts and debating. It is this love for sensitivity in humanity which pulls me with a convincing force towards being a doctor. This inclination of mine isn't just for the sake of it, but to focus on "learning". And I really want to be a surgeon.
life is an adventure and for me, every new day comes with the promise of something new and exciting. Being a medical student is pretty cool, though sometimes it may get a little boring (albeit depressing). And so i like to keep experimenting new things. Like this program for instance :P I love travelling, reading and sleeping(all medical students do :D) I wish and hope that i do justice to the privilege of being called a doctor.
Hi I am Muhammad Waqar Akram, someone told me "Muhammad you seem to learn everything the hard way." he was so true. I learnt everything from difficult situations, but I believe in progress even if it is slow. Managing my blogs and freelancing are my hobbies but you might find me running a marathon sometimes, I almost forgot to mention I want to be a Neurologist. 

Subject Mentor and Process Mentor

Basmaa Ali, MD

Dr Basmaa Ali is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is the medical director of Zanjabee Integrative Medicine and a co-founder of Appropria Medical Solutions.
Dr. Ali went to medical school at King Edward Medical College and did her Internal Medicine residency at University of Illinois at Chicago. She has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and is a certified yoga teacher from Kripalu School of Yoga in Stockbridge, MA

Group Activities

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