Dietary Restriction reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and improves its efficacy in Breast Cancer Patients 

Dietary Restriction can reduce side effects of chemotherapy and can make treatment more effective as it protects normal cells from toxic effects of chemotherapy while sensitizing cancer cells to the treatment. Normal cells deprived of nutrients enter into a dormant stage which is triggered by genetic cues. This allows them to resist high levels of stress. Since cancer cells don’t respond to these genetic cues, they attempt to keep growing and dividing, becoming more susceptible to treatment.

Team Hudhud:

Introduction: Team of devoted final year and fourth year students. They believe in hard work and perseverance.  They are the best example of 'team work brings out the best in everyone'. This team is an amalgam of writers, artists, explorers and nerds. Their research project seems to bring positive changes in cancer treatment. 

Team Members

Zainab Ajmal (Group Leader) An introvert,disciplined yet a fun loving person.She is fond of travelling and visiting new places.In her spare time she likes playing games, watching movies and cooking.She is devoted,sharp and gets intrigued by new things. Tends to pursue her career in field of oncology.
Zarwa Idrees (Program leader) An introvert, with a good sense of humour, curious nature and an optimistic approach. In her spare time likes baking, watching movies/series and exploring different editing softwares. She is a fast learner and, works good with deadlines and if challenged. Tends to pursue her career in field of oncology.
Saba Iqbal She is an optimist towards the things. She likes to write her dairy and do pencil sketching. She is honest towards all aspects in her life.Tends to pursue her career in general surgery.
Fatima tun Nisa She is hard working, creative, introvert. She loves science. She is fascinated by the possibilities that new research opens up and their potential in solving the problems that are faced by all of humanity. In her spare time, she likes to read and sketch.Tends to persue her career in oncology.

Project and Process Mentor 

Dr. Ali Madeeh Hashmi
A graduate of King Edward Medical College (1991). He did his Psychiatry residency training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.. In 2010, Dr. Hashmi was unanimously voted 'Teacher of the Year' by the Family Practice residents at the University of Arkansas AHEC Family Practice Residency Program.  In 2010, he moved back to Lahore and was appointed Foreign Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and KEMU under the HEC's Foreign Faculty Program. In 2013, he was selected as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at KEMU. He is also the KEMCAANA Faculty representative at KEMU.

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